Because eating out is so expensive, and people are trying to find more economical ways to feed families and entertain friends, barbecuing is becoming the new way to socialize while at the time save money. If you know a barbecue lover whose palate is hard to please, here are 5 great gift ideas to consider:


1.A gift basket. Nothing says barbecue better than a sampling of the best products on the market today. This means the best bbq sauces, rubs, and accessories that your barbecuing buddy may never have heard of, like seasoned skewers, cedar grilling papers, or veggie clips. You can add a chef's hat or some goggles just for fun.


2. A barbecue bestseller. There are some great barbecue books that offer tips on barbecuing, from A to Z, from the best-tasting barbecue recipes--to the best bbq grill to buy--and can be ordered from reputable websites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If you can't decide which book to buy, you can always let book reviews help you. These can be found on most book sites, often on the same page as the book itself. Customer reviews are most always helpful.


3. Accessories. Sure, your husband or boyfriend has the perfect grill and the perfect cut of meat to barbecue, but does he have the accessories, like flame-retardant gloves, apron, basting mops, bug zappers, and sauce pans?


4. A barbecue how-to DVD. This is the ideal gift for the beginner barbecue chef. An instructional DVD will provide step-by-step instructions on how to barbecue meat, hotdogsā€”even vegetables. 2017