Yes, “beautiful” is the word to describe this particular pork rib recipe, which we have found to work wonderfully with baby back ribs.


Who doesn't like to sit down to a plate of mouthwatering, messy, scrumptious BBQ ribs so sticky delicious you need extra napkins?


Pork ribs have been barbecued for  as long as fire and bbq has been around. But you don't need a campfire to cook them—although that would be a very fine way to cook them. Today there are many ways to enjoy barbecue ribs: Oven, grill, and crock pot.


Here is an awesome baby back rib recipe for you to try in the oven. It's the same great taste you get in a restaurant. Thirty minutes and a simple recipe is how it earned the name “beautiful”:

Hamburger Tips:


No matter where we travel or where we stay, from the east coast to the west coast, the hamburger is always there. You can dress it up or dress it down, but burgers are a fixture in almost any small town or large city you visit.


 You can get a fancy one in New York City that costs almost the price of a steak, or a plain one in a small southern town for a couple of dollars. But what's really fun is create your own signature burgers at home. Why stick with relish and ketchup when there are so many other possibilities?


 The trick is not only how you cook a burger, but what goes into it.


Try mixing your ingredients right into your burger meat ahead of time instead of adding it onto your burger when it hits the bun.


For example, if you like mushrooms, work mushroom bits into the raw ground meat, along with onions, green peppers, or other items you like including Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce.


Here's a secret to keep your burgers moist instead of dry: Add a raw egg to your hamburger meat and work it in. The egg cooks along with the burger of course, but instead of the burger turning out tasting of egg, it gives a satiny, tender texture to the burger when you bite into it.


Instead of the predictable mustard or pickle, try topping your burger with Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce. Serve with a salad and some fruit, or even a baked potato.


    Other hamburger ideas:

  • Hamburger pizza.

  • Hamburger vegetable soup.

  • Hamburger pot pie.

  • Burger and egg on a bun or toast.

  • Hamburger casserole.


A final cooking tip when frying hamburgers is to use medium heat, and poke a hole in the center of the patty to prevent the burger from bulging up in the middle.

Smoked Turkey:


Why wait for Thanksgiving to have smoked turkey? It's something you can have any time of the year, especially when there are so many ways to cook and serve it:


➧ Smoked turkey breast. This is great after Thanksgiving, especially when you slice leftovers for sandwiches. If you have gravy to spare or Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce, pour some on top of your sandwich, along with a side of mashed potatoes or stuffing.


➧ Smoked turkey legs. Makes a great turkey salad served on a bun with chips and a dessert on the side. In the turkey salad, use Miracle Whip, diced celery, diced onions, and a little salt and garlic. Heaven.


➧ Pull the cooked smoked turkey right from the bird and spread in a casserole dish, pour some Papa Jackson Barbecue Sauce on top, heat in the oven, and serve with bread rolls and a salad.


➧ Smoked turkey soup. This can be done several ways. One way is to add cooked turkey chunks to the regular vegetable soup you make. A cup of Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce spices it up a bit. The other is to use an Alfredo sauce from a jar, then add peas, carrots, onions, and celery.


➧ Turkey tacos. Yes, turkey is lean and tender, so it makes a great taco filling when it's diced up with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and topped with taco sauce. (Try Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce if you dare).


How To Make Smoked Turkey


 If you are the adventurous type and want to smoke the turkey yourself instead of buy it, you can. If you want to be the hero, (or the zero if you fail), you can take it a step further and convert your barbecue grill into a smoker.


This takes time, so go ahead and start early.


For a great tutorial on turning your barbecue grill into a smoker, try this link

Serving Brisket:


Even though brisket is a tough cut of meat that has to be cooked past well-done, if cooked properly, it comes out surprisingly tender.


When dining in choice restaurants and trying the different brisket dishes around the world, it was evident to us that it is a popular choice for anyone who loves beef.


Brisket is the perfect meat to marinate, rub, or spice up to further tenderize it. It is grilled, smoked, and baked.


Ways to serve brisket:


➧ Pot roast with carrots, potatoes, and onions. This makes a good meal when inviting over friends, family, or coworkers.


➧ Pastrami. Great for sandwiches when tailgating or watching movies at home.


➧ Soup. Add your favorite vegetables and seasonings for a soup that holds up for a few days.


➧ Corned beef. Especially served on rye or a deli bun along with cabbage, kraut, pickles, or a fried egg.


➧ Casserole. Include vegetables that you've never tried before.


➧ Slow-cooked. Very popular way to eat it in almost any part of the world.


➧ With Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce. Just plain brisket on a bun topped with barbecue sauce makes excellent sandwiches for the patio or picnic.


Brisket trivia:


➧ It is usually the meat found in Mexican tacos.


➧ The Brits use it for pot roasts.


➧ It makes a very good Vietnamese soup.


➧ In Thailand, it is used in a grilled dish.


➧ Koreans serve it sliced thinly.


➧ Woods used to smoke brisket include pecan, mesquite, hickory, and oak.


Good desserts to serve with brisket include ice cream, blackberry cobbler, blueberry pie, or grapes with jello.




Sweet tea.


Red wine.






Pineapple juice.


Orange juice.


You can even marinate brisket in a red wine to enhance the flavor and promote tenderness.


 A good link to visit to learn more about brisket is


Barbecue Chicken:


Barbecue chicken is one of the easiest and best-tasting BBQ recipes in the world. The problem is, there are so many recipes to choose from, so how do you narrow it down? Well, it all comes down to flavor. Some like a sweet and tangy bbq chicken, while others like a darker, smoky flavor.


The thing to remember when cooking your favorite barbecue chicken recipes is safety. You must guard against toxins and food poisoning by preparing the chicken safely and properly.


Wash your hands and the cooking/cutting area before preparing. Don't contaminate the chicken by letting it touch other surfaces besides the cutting board, grill or baking dish, and marinade container; and cook it thoroughly. Now that you have the safety precautions out of the way, let's move on to one of the easiest and most satisfying barbecue chicken recipes we have ever tasted, and this one requires your kitchen oven instead of a grill.



You'll need:


1 whole chicken, cut into pieces


1 ½  teaspoons of crushed garlic


½ teaspoon of pepper


1 ½ cups of Papa Jackson's Barbecue Sauce


Preheat the oven to 350.


Put cut chicken pieces in shallow baking dish.


Sprinkle garlic and pepper seasoning over it.


Cover the dish and bake for 1 hour.


Remove from oven, drain fat, and pour Papa Jackson’s BBQ sauce over chicken. Return to oven and bake uncovered for 30 more minutes.


When finished baking, serve with peas and carrots, biscuits, or place on bed of rice or mashed potatoes.


Other serving suggestions: Snow peas, string green beans, leafy salad, broccoli, homemade bread.


Desserts: Orange sherbet, lemon meringue pie, key lime pie.


Serving Pulled Pork:


Pulled pork is an easy way to make a simple, delicious meal the whole family will enjoy. You can also serve pulled pork at parties and other get-togethers. Even though it's a standby that can seem a little boring when it comes in a container from a store and slapped on a bun or between two slices of rye bread, there are ways of sending it over the top to make an unforgettable save, like making it at home.


Whether purchased pre-made, or made at home, here are some ways to serve pulled pork:


➧ A pulled pork sandwich. Served with cole slaw and macaroni, it's sure to fill kids up fast after a long day at school or coming in from a ballgame or an outing with friends. For extra flavor, dress the sandwich up with Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce.


➧ A pulled pork taco. This shredded meat was made for a taco shell, or even wrapped up in a burrito or tortilla. Just add cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Try topping with Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce instead of taco sauce.


➧ A pulled pork casserole. Mixed with cornbread stuffing, or egg noodles and herbs, this casserole will be the hit of any casual dinner party, community function, or celebration.


➧ Pulled pork chili. It may sound a little off at first, but once you try it, especially after adding a half cup of Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce, you may never return to ground burger chili again.


If you do opt to make your pulled pork at home, here are some rubs we have found to be quite tasty:


➧ Rub or spray apple juice.


➧ Rub or marinade with Papa Jackson’s Marinade Barbecue sauce


➧ Sugar, salt, and spice.


➧ Brown sugar and pineapple juice.


➧ Black pepper, red pepper, and mustard powder.


The next time you have a tailgate party, serve pulled pork sandwiches instead of your usual barbecue wings, and have Papa Jackson’s Barbecue Sauce for dipping sauce and plenty of potato chips on the side. 2017